Nutritional Specialties, Inc. is the exclusive Wholesale Distributor for Natural and Homeopathic Supplements by Professional Health Products (PHP®).

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The PHP® brand offers over 400 different products to allow you to tailor the nutritional and homeopathic support for your individual patients. PHP® creates specific formulas that have a greater therapeutic influence on healing, through combining ingredients that are synergistic and that will enhance the desired therapeutic action. The Professional Health Products® line is innovative in approach, yet strongly tied to proven methods. We strictly follow HPUS and Hahnemann’s methods for producing Homeopathics, particularly, Hand Succussion.

PHP® products are made with New Zealand freeze-dried glandular and tissue concentrates. These are the cleanest and most biologically active source of material for nutritional supplement formulations and homeopathic Sarcodes and Liquescences. PHP® uses freeze-dried glands and tissues from range-fed livestock that are never exposed to herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers, or growth hormones. The use of growth hormones is illegal in New Zealand, and the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries monitors ranches and packing plants very closely.

All PHP® glands and tissues are USDA Edible Grade. That is why the PHP® brand products do not contain glands obtained from Great Britain, Europe, or Canada, where animals may have been exposed to BIV, which is also known as Mad Cow Disease. Creating a formulation involves several factors. PHP® products contain the purest and most bioavailable ingredients. Careful consideration is also given to the binders chosen, and to the process by which each formula is made.


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